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Best Hotel & Restaurant Uniforms:

We offer a wide range of uniforms for the hospitality industry. Uniform are a reflection of your brand, and it is a known fact that hygienically and well dresses staff, make a lasting impression of your customers. A well dressed team feels comfortable, gels well with each other, and wears the company uniform with pride.

Range of fabrics and styles to chose from:

We offer uniforms in a wide range of fabrics, that are comfortable to wear and adapted based on the job profile of the employee. Each style of our hospitality uniform is adapted to ensure that you achieve maximum flexibility on the work floor, whilst maintaining that elegant look. Comfortable employees are happier and this reflects in their work.

Dress to Impress

Our current customers include Restaurants in Dubai, Sharjah, and the United Arab Emirates enjoy wearing our uniforms because of the quality of the fabric, the workmanship and the great styles we offer. When employees dress to perfection, it delights the restaurant customers enhancing their overall dining experience. Furthermore, a lot of customers choose restaurants with uniformed workers because of hygiene concerns; this emphasizes the level of professionalism.

Managers, Waiters & Kitchen Staff Uniform Range

Stylish Restaurant Wear:

Restaurant Uniforms Supplier In UAE
Wide Variety to Chose From
  • Waiter and Waitress Uniform :
    • Chose from a wide of tasteful and elegant designs. We make skirts, pants, long & short sleeve shirts, blouses, and much more.
  • Chef Uniform:
    • A well dressed chef is always a tasteful expression for your brand. For amazingly chic and comfortable chef uniforms, we offer chef coats, slacks, trousers, aprons and headgear.
  • Kitchen Staff Uniform:
    • Just like chefs, kitchen staff prioritizes comfort and functionality. Ask us for our range of trousers, T-shirts, Shirts, Aprons and headgear with personalized embroidery.

Uniform Styles and Trends:

Traditional Elegance:

At Blue Vision, our aim to is to deliver something exceptional. We design your restaurant uniforms to maximize the comfort whilst delivering exceptional quality.

  • Brand Embroidery:
    • Personalize your restaurant uniforms with your logo, name, country flag or any unique element that you desire.These components can be added to the front, back, collars, pockets and cuffs.
  • DFT Prints on your uniforms:
    • Chose from a range of fancy designs to personalize your restaurant uniforms. Our DTF prints stand out and add a touch of class and individuality.

Uniform Care Instructions

Easy Maintenance:

Uniform durability, cleanliness, and professional appearance all depend on proper care and upkeep. Staff members gain from easy-care instructions, as does the uniform program as a whole. Selecting fabrics should be dependent on how simple they are to clean; for convenience, machine-washable options are preferred. Stain-resistant materials lessen the work needed to maintain uniforms looking tidy and professional by helping to repel spills and stains. Staff members should be given detailed care instructions that cover everything from washing temperatures to drying techniques to any particular care requirements based on fabric kinds. This guarantees that employees can effortlessly keep a tidy and businesslike appearance throughout their shifts and encourages uniform consistency. Printed garments should be washed inside out.

Branding through Uniforms in UAE, Dubai, and Sharjah:

Restaurant Staff Uniforms Rules & Regulations in UAE
Restaurant Staff Uniforms Rules

Several important factors should be considered when thinking about uniforms as a branding tool in the UAE market. These include:

  • Logo and Colors:
    • For the restaurant to be recognized as a brand, uniforms must include the logo and colors. The restaurant’s identity is visually represented by the logo, and different colors might evoke different feelings or connotations. Making thoughtful color selections is crucial, taking into account regional color symbolism and cultural sensitivity. For instance, in the context of UAE, the colors green and blue can stand for wealth and trust, respectively. When these components are carefully included, uniforms strengthen the restaurant’s brand presence.
  • Cohesive Brand Image:
    • For a brand to appear coherent, uniform designs must be consistent. When every employee is dressed in uniforms that are consistent in style, the restaurant’s professionalism and brand identification are strengthened. Features like standardized colors, patterns, styles, and accessories can be a part of this uniformity. A cohesive and professional appearance is recognized and trusted by customers, which enhances the favorable brand perception of the organization.
  • Personalization:
    • Employee brand loyalty and team spirit can be increased by personalizing uniform aspects. This can involve adding distinctive accessories that complement the restaurant’s concept or ideals, or it can involve putting the names of the employees embroidered on their uniforms. Personalized uniforms boost staff morale and strengthen their commitment to delivering top-notch customer service by making them feel appreciated and a part of the company.

Uniforms vs Customer Experience

Several aspects are taken into account when analyzing how uniforms affect the customer experience in the United Arab Emirates, especially Sharjah.

  • Cultural Harmony:
    • In the dining room, uniforms are a big part of fostering a feeling of ethnic cohesion. Restaurants can promote an inclusive and respectful environment by designing uniforms that honor local customs, values, and dress standards. It is more peaceful and pleasant for everyone to eat when patrons from all backgrounds feel accepted and at ease.
  • Customer Trust:
    • Customers are given more faith and confidence in the restaurant’s standards of quality and service when staff members are dressed professionally. Customers get a good impression of the restaurant’s professionalism and attention to detail when they observe employees wearing appropriately tailored uniforms that are kept up to date. As a result, patrons are more satisfied and loyal since they believe the restaurant is dependable and dedicated to giving them a great eating experience.
  • Memorable Impressions:
    • Properly tailored and culturally appropriate uniforms have the power to leave a lasting impression on patrons, elevating their eating experience. Uniforms contribute to a distinctive atmosphere when they blend nicely with the restaurant’s concept and cultural background. Furthermore, distinctive outfits can start discussions among patrons and enhance the restaurant’s general charm and atmosphere.


Blue Vision makes every type of uniform. From T-shirts, Shirts, Trousers, Skirts, Slacks, Shorts, Blouses, Chef Coats, Aprons, the range is endless. We also undertake custom orders for every industry from restaurants, retail, contracting, safety and much more. Each range of uniforms is available in set sizes or can be made to measure Our in-house embroidery will ensure that you are able to add your logo, name etc. to personalize and cherish each item.


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