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Get The Winning Edge with Blue Vision Sport kits

Blue Vision understands that every athlete has unique needs. That’s why Blue Vision offers customizable sports kits. At Blue Vision in Dubai, we understand the importance of quality and performance in sportswear.

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Our Sports uniform incudes

Basketball Uniforms


Typically consisting of a jersey and shorts, often with team colors, numbers, and player names. Basketball uniforms may also include accessories such as compression sleeves or headbands.

Football Soccer Uniforms

Football (Soccer)

Including jerseys, shorts, and socks, often with team logos, sponsor logos, and player numbers. Goalkeepers may have specialized uniforms, such as padded shirts or pants.

Baseball Uniforms


Featuring jerseys, pants, and caps, often with team logos, player names, and numbers. Baseball uniforms may also include accessories like belts, stirrup socks, and batting gloves.

Hockey Uniforms


Comprising jerseys, pants, socks, and helmets, often with team logos, player numbers, and sponsor patches. Hockey uniforms also include specialized gear such as shoulder pads, elbow pads, and shin guards.

Tennis Uniforms

Tennis Uniforms

Typically including a polo shirt or dress, shorts or skirts, and headwear, often in lightweight and breathable fabrics. Tennis uniforms prioritize comfort and mobility for fast-paced movement.

Golf Uniforms

Golf Uniforms

Consisting of polo shirts, pants, shorts, or skirts, often with country club or sponsor logos. Golf uniforms may also include accessories like visors, hats, and gloves.

Track and Field Uniforms

Track and Field

Featuring singlets, shorts, and spikes, often customized with team colors, logos, and athlete names. Track and field uniforms are designed for optimal performance and aerodynamics.

Training Apparel

Training Apparel

Including moisture-wicking shirts, shorts, and pants designed for practice sessions, workouts, and warm-ups. Training apparel may feature team logos or branding.

Warm up Suits

Warm-up Suits

Tracksuits or jackets and pants were worn by athletes before competitions or during warm-up sessions. Warm-up suits often include team colors and logos for unity and representation.

Compression Gear

Compression Gear

Compression shirts, shorts, and leggings are worn by athletes for muscle support, recovery, and performance enhancement. Compression gear may be worn under uniforms or during training sessions.

Rugby Uniforms


Featuring jerseys, shorts, and socks designed for the physical demands of rugby, often with durable fabrics and reinforced stitching.

Cycling Uniforms


Including jerseys, shorts, and bibs designed for comfort and aerodynamics during cycling races or events. Cycling uniforms may also include accessories like gloves and helmets.

Martial Arts Uniform

Martial Arts

Such as the uniforms worn in disciplines like karate, judo, or taekwondo. Martial arts uniforms are often lightweight, durable and look sporty.


Circket Kit

Designed for performance and comfort, our kit includes a high-quality bat, sturdy pads, protective gloves, and a reliable helmet—all in a stylish carrying bag.

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